Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer Onsite Testing?

Yes. Any of our tests can be conducted in our facility or on-site at yours. Our comprehensive offerings can be tailored according to your company’s specific needs. Click Here for more information about our services.

How Long Do Results Take to Come In?

At LabTest123, we pride ourselves on quality and convenience. Test results are available quickly. Depending on the test, results are received anywhere from same day to often less than 1 week. Contact Us for quick information and answers to your questions.

Are Your Tests Compliant with Government Standards?

Yes. All our tests adhere to all applicable federal and state government standards.

Our health and wellness testing empowers enterprises of all sizes to achieve some of their most successful wellness initiatives around the world. We can assist you in developing a strategy that helps you reach your goals in employee productivity, attendance, and healthcare overhead.


How Do You Make an Appointment?

Please find us at the Colony Shopping Center on W McNab Rd, Ste 228, you can also call us at (754) 256-5070 or Click Here to send us a message.

Do You Accept Walk-Ins?

Yes. To set a specific appointment time, please call us at (754) 256-5070 or Click Here to send us a message.

How Long Do Results Take?

Results are available quickly. We strive to provide some of the fastest turnaround in the industry.

How Can I See My Results?

Our advanced technology makes it easy for you. Your results will be emailed to you and/or the ordering physician. You never have to worry about traveling to a facility to pick up results or having them misplaced.